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The Truth About Marriage In The Muslim Family

Previously, Islam was rather faint with the people of Vietnam, however, with the growth of the Islamic State Organization with the economic rise of the Islamic countries such as Malaysia, Arab, Indonesia, Islam has become popular and the religious information of these religions also attracts the attention of more people.

This is indeed a long-standing religion, famous for its strict religious laws. Among them are the rules of marriage of Muslims.

I. Muslim Men Are Very Conservative

According to Islam, economic responsibility belongs to men, women don’t need to work, they only do the housework. Thus, natural male Muslims subconsciously do not expect their wives to appear so much before other men. Maybe they do not forbid women to study and go to work, but surely they will not allow their wives to do work related to communication and work away from home such as MC, counseling businessmen, women, etc. In general, women in the Middle East or some Muslim countries, if they go to work, they will prefer to choose the administrative affairs less contact with the opposite sex.

II. Strange Marriage Muslim Law

In previous times, men could take dozens of wives without any hindrance. However, when Islam was born, the Koran clearly stated that: Muslim men can only take up to four wives.

The responsibility of the man in marriage is that he must take care of his wife and his  children. If he wants to get more wifes , he must reassure that he can take care of new wives and newborn children, treat them fairly and equally. In particular, if he  wants  to get more wives later, he must have insisted on the permission of the wife.

Polygamy may be contrary to current monogamy. However, it was very clear decision  at that time. And this rule is also an economic burden for men, requiring them to be responsible for their own marital life, not just the lustful lifestyles. So, at present, although polygamy is still present in some Muslim countries, however, not many men take many wives, they regard monogamy as good for good life.

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III. Divorce In A Flash

According to the Koran, when a man wants to divorce his wife, they only  need to say three times “talaq, talaq, talaq” (in Arabic means divorce) instead of reconciliation as well as can Court cards like ordinary states.

Then the man will have three months to think about his decision, whether he should do it or not and what effect? After a period of reflection, if the man did not change his mind, he divorced his wife.

This is seen by social activists in India and the Middle East as a law that tolerates men, helping them shake off their responsibilities in the marriage quickly. This law also makes women after marriage extremely disadvantaged.

At present, some Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Indonesia have issued a ban on the “talaq” law. However, in India, the country has quite a large Muslim population, the government seems to be hesitant in rejecting this “talaq”.

It is important to know that it is so easy for a man to leave his family  that makes woman miserable in the post-marriage life : Lack of experience in finding a job , child custody and billions of other problems.

IV. Kindness In Islamic Marriage

Although there are laws that make it difficult for women as above, we can not deny that Islam has also made some very progressive laws, such as asking husbands to be kind to his wives.

In addition to the husband’s responsibility to provide accommodation for wives, husbands also need to treat their wives with patience and patience, to protect her from the crowd. As the angel of Allah said: “Accept the faults of the woman, indeed, women are made of ribs, she will never be straight on the road, if you have enjoyed with her. Please enjoy the curl in her, if you try to correct her, you will break her.”, ” The best of you is the one who treats well with your wife, I am the best of you because I treat my wife kindly. “

Indeed, Mohamed, the founder of Islam, treated his wife very well until her death. He had a difficult life, and he later met and married a woman over his age. He was 25 years old and she was nearly 40. She was the first believer, who also supported  for him in the creation of Islam later. Mohamed deeply respected and loved his wife.

Islam has very strict laws, there are some downsides that we have come to recognize when it was extremistized by reactionaries. The marriage law of today’s Islamic families, some of which have been corrupted, have become negative and deep in the minds of religious people. However, we must also recognize that Islam is, in part, very clear in regulating the responsibilities and rights of both husbands and wives in marriage.

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