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Muslims women

Islam – a longstanding religion, the  second largest religion  in the world, is known for strict laws, especially for women. However, it seems that both religious and non-religious families have a certain misperception about the rights and duties of the Muslim woman. To distinguish as well as to understand the woman in Islam, I would point out that the Quar’an- the most formal document on the Muslims’ rules and regulations- said what about responsibities and rights of Muslims women, and in  the factm now, what Muslims women are suffering?

I. What Does The Quran Say About The Muslims Women ?

In terms of spirituality, it can be said that the Quar’an considers men and women equal. “Men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women”

In terms of education, the Qur’an notes that Islam supports and encourages the search for knowledge regardless of gender. He claims that seeking knowledge is a compulsory religious duty for both men and women, from which,  one can think, contemplate, and learn from the signs of God in nature. Women who have the role of wifes  and mother and education  will make them do their duty well. The reports also indicate, at that time , there were a number of female Muslim scholars.

In terms of employment, according to the Quar’an, the role of a woman is motherhood. This does not mean a complete ban on a woman’s work, but it is better to stay at home and care  for  her husband and her children. In situations which  you have to work because of financial  needs or social needs, she must get permission from a guardian (father or husband), and the children are well cared for. In addition, during work, she must maintain inner humility, and virginity.

In marriage, an Islamic girl at the age of marriage, the girl’s parents play a main role in choosing for her a husband, but must ask for her opinion. Or if  the girl like a guy, usually, to get married, he must have the permission of the bride’s parents. On the wedding day, the wedding groom’s gift to the bride, it will be the bride’s personal wealth, in the process of living or divorcing, the husband is not allowed to use her fortune if the wife does not allowed him to do that.

After marriage, the Muslim woman is responsible for caring for her husband and children. The Prophet (S) of Islam stated: “Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her, enters Paradise.” In addition, Allah spoke of a series of other responsibilities of the woman in marriage:  giving  birth to a husband, always respecting , trusting  in his decisions, tolerating  and forgiving  the defects and faults he causes. Finally, she absolutely must  virginity with her husband.

When both are no longer living together, the husband must be divorced first . Islamic society is very rare in cases which  women are divorced first because they have no right to do so. In the 3 months after the decision to divorce, if he really can not heal a rift, the wife will officially be free. Or if he can be reconciled, however, living together for a while, the husband asks for a divorce. At the third divorce, the wife will be free without waiting for three months. Islam does not encourage divorce. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said: “Of all the things God has permitted, the thing that he hates most is divorce.” After marriage, a woman can marry another husband.

Regarding polygamy, according to the Qur’an, an Islamic man can marry four wives, provided that he has enough money for his wives’s lifes. And, the new wife must have the permission of his  first wife, he also must commit to fair treatment with  wives. This is an Islamic way to keep your family balanced. However, polytheism is no longer prevalent, which exists only in a number of traditional Islamic families in the Middle East area.

Muslims women

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II. How Are The Women Of Islam Now ?

There are many rules for Islamic women, however, not all laws are applied intact as in the Qur’an. The issue of equality between men and women in Islamic society is one example. The woman has almost no voice in the family, she must listen to her husband’s decisions. Middle Eastern women’s clothes  are also extremely conservative: They have to cover up the whole person, including the face, and especially the hair (in Islamic terms, the hair of a woman is a very sexy thing. Only husbands are allowed to see ). If they  drop  the  veil, they will be considered lustful and be reviled by the community.

Regarding divorce, too, there is no need for a court, no choice for Islamic women. The husband just stood in front of two other men, shouting three consecutive sentences: “talaq, talaq, talaq,”,  waited for three months, or did not wait, he was a free man. The woman after the divorce, although able to marry another husband, but also extremely difficult. Because of Islamic society, they value virginity.

In short, the Islamic woman in modern society, though free from some work such as  going  to work, loving  freedom, … yet there is still too much pressure on them. As a non-believer, I may find it unfair to Muslim women, however, in general, it may be that the Islamic woman does not feel that way, since from an early age,  they have been affected of the Islamic ideology.


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