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Do You Know How To Find Trusted Islam Websites ?

Islam is a longstanding religion, with the largest number of religious followers in the world. South Asia is also home to a large number of followers, accounting for about 25% of the Muslim population in the world. As a very complex religion, it has caused changes in the political and security world, ancd Islam is now one of the hot searches of users on the largest search engine in the world  – Google. However, there are a number of news sites with erroneous content, causing serious misunderstanding with this religion. So,  you need to read where to have the most accurate, most informative source?  I would like to list the top 7  trusted Islam websites you should search for a reliable source of information.

I. Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is considered an online encyclopedia of everything in the world. The information in this site is reliable, consistent. At wikipedia, you can read the general information, have a general overview of Islam. Wikipedia writers simply provide the  informations about Islam from the general to the more detailed and don’t have personal opinions  so the reader can be very assured of the objectivity of the information on this page. In addition, the terms or events  that appear in the article make it hard to understand, you can click on them, a new article will appear, explaining the details for you.


This is not a website of a political organization or any other Islamic organization. This is merely a site containing information about Islam, its beliefs and its arguments to all the rules of life that Mohamed and his companions have set up. When you finish reading, maybe you  will become a fan of this religion?

Maybe when you read some of the articles on this site, you will realize, a long time ago,  you still misunderstand something in Islam, or you will see some of the current customs of Islam has been disguised  too much . Why this site is so trustworthy, because the creator of this site is Dr. Saleh as Saleh – a scientist who specializes in in-depth research and has long been approached  to orthodox religious materials. He is also the author of many good books on Islam.

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The third website that I want to share with you, is The content of this site is really new.  The site is made up of a volunteer organization related to the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which provides accurately the  informations  about  Islam – the fastest growing religion in the world. Articles and videos cover a wide range of topics such as the historical heritage of Muslims, social issues related to Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Posts can be personal but always based on real events . The site also has a forum to discuss and ask questions, or you can send  email directly to the web admin. Or if you are interested in a trip to the mosque somewhere, you can sign up here, and they will guide you.


This site was established in 2002 by The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization (FSTC). This is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-religious organization dedicated to the study and publication of prehistoric civilizations, especially Islamic civilization, and their influence on the study, technology, culture of modern times.

This site provides information, pictures, researches and videos about the history of ancient civilizations. If you want to know the details that how Islam has so many believers, this site really should not be overlooked.


Sunnahonline is a website with extremely clear design interface, it is also highly appreciated for its usefulness. The site has almost everything you want to know about Islam: history of creation, articles, e-books, poetry, Islamic lectures, Koran or even a dozen albums images . In essence, this is a new site that has dramatically improved the look , much more organized than the old site.


For sheer variety of content format beats all other sites that we know of hands down. (Islam web comes a close second) It has articles, Ebooks, lectures & flash animations.


The last site I want to introduce to you, is the Islamwomen. If you are particularly concerned about what Muslim women must obey, in the marriage Muslim what  they are in position, what they have to endure, this site will definitely bring you very a lot of useful information.

In addition, you can join a number of websites that interact directly with the Muslims, taking the source of reference information. Some of those sites are:

  2. Http://

Above  there are some of the sites I found to have genuine, clear, and relevant sources for you to find information. There are also websites that I added to the last part as a source of reference information. You may believe or disbelieve in the information on the web pages, however, try to understand carefully what the information is true. Your misunderstanding will lead to unwanted extremes later.


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