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What Islam Is

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, and the number of Muslims is growing every day. Islam not only emerged as a great religion, it is also the root cause of a series of terrible  events in the hearts of all: The 9/11 event  in America with nearly 3,000 deads , 6,000 injured men,  the chaos of war in South Asian Muslim countries, the uprisings out of the control of the Islamic State Organization proclaiming IS, etc. All human suffering in the 21st century seems to be  related  to Islamic extremism. People become to hate  Islam, but they are also very contradictory when they are working daily with Muslims. Those  people, they also have the desire for happiness, peace. And they  relize that they need to find out what Islam is, and what is the cause of such pain?

I. What Is Islam?

Islam is a monotheistic religion belonging to the Abrahamic religion, worshiping only Allah. The founder of Islam is Mahamed (Muslims claim that he was a messenger sent down by God to  carry on missionary  work ). The laws are documented in the Quran, Muslims believe that these are the prophecies of Allah and they – the believers  must obey seriously, no right questions or objections.

Muslims believed that there were messengers before the messenger Mohammed as Jesus, Adam… They respected  Jesus, but they did  not believe that Jesus was the son of Allah, Jesus was just a normal human being sent to preach. Because according to the Quran, Allah did  not have children: “Allah is the Creator of the earth. How did he have children when he did not have a friend? He is the one who created and understood all things. “,” He is the One, the one who is free and independent. He wasn’t born by anyone. No one equated with him.

II. Who Is The Founder Of Islam ?

Above are the beliefs that any Muslim believes. But actually, the creator of Islam was Mohamed (570-632). Orphaned father, a few years orphaned mother, he was  brung up by  his uncle. Like many people at the time, he was illiterate . He is famous in the region by the magnanimity, always help those who are poor  in society.

That year, the city of Mecca was in dire poverty, so the uncle suggested  that he should  assist with the transfer the goods  of a wealthy widow in the area. Then they got married, most of the documents said  that 25 years old Mohamed and her wife was  nearly 40. She was also the first believer in Islam, who with him moved from one region to another to spread messages to the world.

Although his marriage had the age difference , It was a happy and sustainable marriage. According to some records, Mohamed first met the angel Gabriel when he was nearly 40, he was  very confused and thought  that he was delusional, then his wife consoled him. Despite many difficulties in evangelism, the first was the opposition of two uncles of Mohamed, then the conservative in Mecca, however, with his teaching and preaching ability, pulling a lot of  believers from nearby areas, gathering in a mighty army against those who wanted to kill him and Islam.

There are many legends about Mohamed, however, to assert that he is a talented man who is also one of the most influential figures ( in human history).

III. Rules To Follow In Islam

While Islam does not have ten Christian teachings, the Quar’an also lists similar things:

– Only worship a single saint (Allah)

– Always be grateful to your parents

– Respect the rights of others, such as privacy. Also, in a Muslim marriage, the husband is not allowed to disclose his wife’s private affairs outside the family.

– Give generously to the poor, the poor.

– It is forbidden to kill people, except in special cases ( protection of Islam,  protection of himself and family).

– Prohibition of adultery. In Islam, adulterous women will be stoned to death by the community.

– Protect and support the orphans.

– Treat everyone fairly

– Be pure in emotion and spirit

– Be humble.

In addition, Muslims must obey certain rituals:

– At least once in a lifetime, have to make pilgrimage to Mecca, but not to borrow money , before the trip, he must prepare for the wife and children full of food, accommodation.

– Pray five times  day : Dawn, early  noon, noon, sunset and evening.

– Every year, Muslims must conduct vegetarianism month called Ramadan to show   mercy and to remember the poor. This month, they are not allowed to eat and drink when the sun is set, people must forgive and repent of their sins. Children and pregnant women do not need to be vegetarian by the month of Ramanda.

– It is absolutely prohibited to conduct sex before marriage

– It is forbidden to eat pork because the pig is an unclean animal.

As can be seen, some of the original laws based on the Quaran are very humanistic. For the Muslims, it is the prophecy of Allah, also orient  the way of life (except,  of course, some of the laws concerning women). However, over time, Muslims  extremists have taken advantage of the gaps of these laws, bending off to authentic values, in order to stimulate followers of Islam  and live for  Islam. We also need to seriously discriminate between Islamic extremists and ordinary Muslims, so as not to lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, divisions, and possible riots.


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